Rodent Control Singapore – Smart Mammal

Commonly found rodent in Singapore:

  1. Norway Rat, Rattus norvegicus
  2. Roof Rat, Rattus rattus diardii
  3. House Mouse, Mus Musculus

General Rodent Identification

  • Sexual maturity at 1 to 3 months depending on species
  • With 4 to 8 sets of offspring per year, 1 to 12 rats per offspring
  • Rodents lives about 1 year
  • Rodents are excellent swimmer, climber, jumper, highly intelligent and neophobia
  • So it develops bait and trap shyness very easily
Rodent Control in Singapore
Rodent Pest Control in Singapore

Fun Facts

  • Nocturnal, has poor eyesight and color blind
  • Excellent sense of hearing, smell, taste and touch
  • Have weak bladder, it urinates and defecates while feeding
  • Leave distinct rub marks on walls, caused by its body oil and dirt
  • Can swim for 3 days before it drowns
  • Can squeeze into premises through a hole as small as the size of a quarter